Free For All

I titled this painting Free For All.  24×30.  Acrylic.  I stumbled on this garden and it represents to me the fine line between chaos and order.   It also signifies so much love.  There is so much transition happening these days and being in a garden helps me to feel calmer.  So while it feels like we are in the midst of a free for all with so much change, there is also the gift of a garden that is free for all.  This summer I have been painting in acrylic which has allowed me to plunk the easel in the house, be available to my family and let the paintings unfold in their own time.


The house of cards where I once lived

Welcome to art+home+spirit.  Thank you for visiting.  For many years I have hidden behind paintings and people and things.  It seemed easier to hide than risk exposure for the piece of myself I couldn’t quite incorporate into my paintings.  In fact, the truth is that my spiritual connection is the thing that motivates me and centers me when the world feels upside down.  The calm quiet place in my heart is my refuge as the winds bluster outside.  Its the place where I find courage and compassion and forgiveness.  The connection to my heart is where, when I’m quiet enough, I find all the answers I need.  It took lots of interesting detours and tribulation, including the one shown here, to get to this place in my life.  But the home within the heart is the best home I know of.   I’ll be posting art, sketches and musings from the intersection of spiritual and practical.

This is one house I used to live in for a long time.  It was The House of Cards.  It glittered and glistened in the sun and feared nothing but the gentlest breeze of truth.  I have to imagine that I’m not the only one who has lived this way.  I defined myself in relation to the accumulation of ‘things’ rather than from the inside out.  I wasn’t deeply rooted in a strong sense of my worth nor my connection to spirit.  I lived at the pinnacle of The House of Cards and discovered when I arrived that my heart was depleted.  Its been an interesting journey to find my way back to the home within.